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How does your travel directly impact the Chobe?

Each visit directly and positively impacts the region. Our Community Development Fund is made up of a small levy paid by each guest – a small token of appreciation to the surrounding communities. These funds are used to administer and develop infrastructure in the villages that we are privileged to operate within and around, and for allowing our guests to experience their part of the world.

Additionally, our guests can get directly involved on the ground. One of the excursions offered is the option to join a village walk in one of the communities. During these walks, guests have the chance to connect on a deeper level by contributing to the well-being of local school children. While not obligatory, we greatly appreciate any donations of books, school supplies, educational materials, or sporting equipment brought by our guests. These thoughtful gestures are warmly received by the local schools and serve as tangible expressions of kindness from our visitors.

Passionate Conservationists | Sustainable Adventures | Celebrate Chobe

Our commitment to the Chobe region goes beyond just exploration – it’s a dedication to conservation, sustainability and community upliftment.

We wholeheartedly embrace the MANTIS ethos of “Man And Nature Together Is Sustainable” and are more than just passionate conservationists, we are fervent advocates for sustainable adventures, and above all, we celebrate the breathtaking wonders of the Chobe.

Each project is born from conversations with the local communities, identifying their needs, and crafting thoughtful long-term solutions that create the most significant positive impact on their daily lives.

Passionate Conservationists

Without our people, you would not be able to experience the Chobe River region for the experience that makes we would not be able to provide you with the experience you’ve travelled here for from the Zambezi Queen Collection and the Chobe River region.

We are honoured that our team chooses to spend their time making our guest’s experience memorable. To best support our people, we focus on enhancing their skills and offering employment opportunities that support their families and contribute to regional wealth generation.

We are proud to be involved in numerous initiatives to conserve, uplift and protect this beautiful landscape we call home.

Our team are locals

We are very proud to employ locals from Namibia. Ninety-nine percent of our incredible staff members come from the various communities and villages where we operate. When employing new staff, we always draw from local villages first.

We are currently the largest tourism and hospitality employer in the region.




Our staff are always eager to learn new skills to better their opportunities and the guest experience. Some of the upskilling we provide include chef training, hospitality training, guide training, First Aid training and more.

Constantly sharpening one’s skills contributes to our team members’ personal and familial well-being.


Financial impact

Without the support of local landowners and community leaders, we could not operate.

We take our agreements with the local landowners very seriously, always ensuring that each transaction is fair, sustainable and respectful of local customs and traditions. Our various mooring locations on the Chobe River form part of our agreements with these landowners and conservancies.


Education is key

We are deeply appreciative of the local villages. With their partnership, we are able to support projects that empower these communities through education.

Currently underway is  the implementation of the Water Project, which has brought essential plumbing and infrastructure to the Mbalasinte Combined School, the renovation of six classrooms, the reconstruction of the boys’ dormitory and the building of ablutions and sanitation facilities, to create an environment more conducive to learning.


Buy local

We are inspired by the incredible communities who open their homes and hearts to our guests. When guests visit the villages to glimpse the community’s proudly traditional ways of life, it brings cultural exchange and a sense of pride for the locals.

By bringing visitors to experience the region, we hope to provide constant access and empowerment, allowing the villagers to reap tourism’s benefits directly. Our gift shops offer many crafts for sale from local entrepreneurs. By providing a space to sell crafted goods, we can help give these artisans a steadier income and bolster the dignity that comes with economic opportunity.


Respect for local customs

In the Chobe River region, local courts play a vital role. All community life revolves around these traditions, laws and customs. The area is controlled and administered by these local courts, which work to uphold tribal laws and administer justice, providing structure and stability for village life.

We actively involve ourselves with the local communities, working closely with tribal leaders (Nduna’s) to provide essential infrastructure, education, and employment opportunities. Additionally, we create avenues for community members to participate in conservation activities.


Sustainable Adventures

Conservation is one of our key pillars, focusing on improving education in wildlife, sustainability and environmental benefits.

The intact ecosystem and biodiversity is necessary to provide our guests with the memorable experiences that are the hallmark of our stays. We are also grateful for the local villages and communities who act as stewards of these precious lands.

Through partnerships with local conservancies like Kabulabula, Kasika, and Impalila Fish Reserve, we provide essential support for habitat management, wildlife protection programs, and environmental education initiatives. Through these efforts, we’ve witnessed remarkable recoveries in fish and bird populations, reinforcing our belief in the power of communal action to preserve our natural heritage. We are proud to play a role in conserving the Chobe’s biodiversity for future generations.



Our ongoing commitment to anti-poaching initiatives underscores our dedication to safeguarding these pristine ecosystems for generations. By empowering anti-poaching units with resources, transport, and food, they can stand as frontline guardians against the threat of poaching.


Catch and release fishing

We implemented a strict catch-and-release policy and are continuously improving our guidelines to create a more sustainable and ethical fishery. Although this policy requires extra diligence, we prioritise protecting our precious river inhabitants.


Celebrate Chobe

Our commitment to environmental stewardship directly impacts the guest experience, ensuring that they can enjoy the beauty of the Chobe region without compromising its natural integrity.

Sustainability isn’t just an ongoing commitment—it’s an integral part of our unparalleled guest experience.

Water Filtration plant

The United Nations recognises access to water and sanitation as basic human rights. Every village should have access to clean, safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation facilities.

Therefore, we have installed a solar-powered borehole at Someli Village and provided Ijambwe Village with a water pump and building materials so that they can construct ablution facilities.



Pollution clean-up

To help safeguard this precious waterway, we provide monthly support for the region’s Kasika, Impalila and Kabulabula Conservancies, assisting in funding wildlife protections and local efforts to reduce litter through clean-up initiatives.

Maintaining pristine landscapes goes hand in hand with enforcing sound conservation policy, so we additionally aid authorities in upholding environmental regulations across jurisdictions.


Waste Management

Solid recyclable wastes like paper, glass, cardboard, and plastic get sorted correctly, ensuring they receive appropriate treatment. Organic waste undergoes careful sorting and recycling through composting, enriching our farming endeavors with worm cultivation and providing valuable manure to our communities.

Discarded cooking oils, engine oils, and grease are collected to prevent environmental harm, stored in our onsite workshop, and shared with community members for wood and reed preservation, safeguarding against insect infestations.


We invite you to join us on a travel experience that embodies sophistication, adventure, and leisure while elevating the people and places that define this extraordinary corner of the world.

Join us in making a difference.


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