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Africa’s green season – also called the shoulder or low season – has sometimes, in our opinion, very unfairly been perceived to not be the time to visit. But not so! Every season brings a special magic and uniqueness and so too does the green season. We may even argue this is one of the most beautiful times to visit our magical corner of the world here in southern Africa.

What is the green season?

Green season follows after the traditional peak season, or dry season, when many visitors want to come on safari to view the magnificent wildlife. Game can be easier to spot during the dry season as the bush is sparse and animals are seeking water. After months of this dry weather, the heavens open and the first rains arrive. This can be anytime from September to November. The green season heralds abundant greenery and new life, with many young birthed in this season, coinciding with spring.

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Fortunately, here on the Chobe, you’re guaranteed wonderful game viewing year-round as the animals always come down to the river to drink.

But if this doesn’t sound appealing, here are some reasons why you may not want to travel during the green season:

1. The more crowds, the better

If you’d rather enjoy your safari at the same time as many others, then perhaps the green season is not for you. Green season is traditionally the shoulder or low season in terms of visitors, so if the idea of being one of the exclusive few getting to enjoy the peace and quiet doesn’t sound appealing, then rather travel another time of year. During the green season you might just be the only one on your tender boat getting up close with that elephant herd!

2. You prefer the bush to be sparse and dry

The popular winter season is characterized by what you probably imagine when thinking of southern Africa – dusty earth, sparse trees and minimal green. Think shades of yellow and gold.

If you’d rather not marvel at the bush turning glorious green, new shrubs and plants in bloom, then the green season is not for you.

3. Why pay less when you can pay more?

You’ll snap up the best deals and discounts when travelling during the green season. Due to the unfair perception that it’s not the best time of year to travel, you’ll enjoy the bush to yourself – and pay less during the green season.

4. You’re not keen on babies

Seen one baby lion, seen them all? If you feel this way, then give the green season a skip.

The green season could very easily also be called the “birthing” season. This is when predators such as lions, leopards and wild dog, plus warthogs, wildebeest, monkeys, baboons and more give birth. As if that wasn’t enough: you’ll also see young zebra, buffalo and wildebeest foals try take their first teetering steps.

5. You’re not a fan of birds

If you don’t like birds, make sure to avoid the shoulder season. It’s the time when migratory birds start to return and summer birds show off their most colourful plumage to attract a mate. The high water levels are also ideal for many of our river loving birds. Twitchers have their binoculars in hand all day long! But that might be a bit tiring…

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So, there you have it: five solid reasons not to travel to Africa during the green season.

But if like us, you think this sounds utterly wonderful – experiencing the magic of the Chobe River when it’s more affordable, quieter and there’s an abundance of wildlife and their young, then browse our special offers today.


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