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Perhaps you simply call it a family holiday. But the trendy term is a multigenerational family holiday – more than one generation of the family travelling together.

There’s nothing better than spending quality time together somewhere exciting and special. With a focus on experiences rather than material things, a holiday together with the whole family remains a wonderful opportunity to celebrate those significant occasions too, such as Christmas, New Year, anniversaries and birthdays.

If you’re looking to upscale or switch up your family trip somewhere new or are wondering if the Zambezi Queen Collection is the right choice for everyone from the teens to Gran and Grandpa, then you’ve come to the right place.

But, the key to a successful multigenerational holiday is choosing the right type of holiday. It needs to be one that appeals to the Baby Boomer and the younger generation.

Here’s why the Zambezi Queen Collection ticks all the boxes for a family holiday:

It’s all-inclusive

All-inclusive holidays allow travellers to save and know upfront exactly how much their holiday is costing, without any surprises later. This is especially important when travelling with the family. Everyone can do exactly as they wish, without worrying about extra costs and especially when travelling with kids, there will be no hungry tummies or adults without the tipple of their choice!

It’s easy peasy and hassle-free

When the lot of planning the trip falls on one family member, with everyone wanting something different from the trip, the dream family holiday can quickly seem rather nightmarish for the organizer.

All-inclusive packages that offer all the essentials included but still allow for that all-important flexibility when it comes to the daily itinerary, are the gold standard in multigen family trips.

Zambezi Queen Collection packages offer a wide variety of diverse activities all included, so there is something to appeal to every family member.

Included in all our packages are:

Your day, your choice

There is no use dragging the grandkids out on a trip that simply doesn’t interest them. The most appealing aspect of a bush holiday for nature loving families is undoubtedly that the excitement of spotting wildlife likely appeals to young and old.

But a traditional safari experience can leave younger ones tired of the crack of dawn wake up calls or hangry three hours into the morning game drive.

Our river safaris are the sweet spot. Here on the water, cruising on one of our boutique houseboats, the game viewing comes to you! You can relax with a cup of coffee on your private balcony or on the top deck eating breakfast while spotting hundreds of elephants crossing the river right in front of you. Real pinch-me moments! It’s game viewing at its most leisurely, exciting and rewarding.

For active families, there’s ample to keep you entertained from dawn until dusk. Hop on a tender boat for an-all day tiger fishing adventure or put the teens on a photographic safari boat so they can put all that screen time to good use and learn a few photography tips and tricks!

And when the afternoon nap time hits, relax in your comfortable suite or tented safari suite at Ichingo Chobe River Lodge while the older kids play at the pool.

“Key to a successful family trip is an itinerary that appeals to all ages, with a good mix of activity and free time, and flexibility – and with Zambezi Queen Collection packages, every family member can tailor their day as they please.”

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A top tip for your family holiday

Booking early is key. Remember, you’ll need to factor in the school holidays and give Mom and Dad enough notice. Booking early also ups the anticipation, helps you save and gives you the opportunity to take advantage of specials and seasonal discounts.

Off-season travel remains incredibly popular, and there are unique travel experiences in each season. On the Chobe River, the green season is a fantastic time to visit for families that can travel during these periods.

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Which Zambezi Queen Collection product is right for you?

While you’re going to want to experience every one of our products – and they’re all special! – we’ve tried to break it down to help you choose.

For kids of all ages and fishing-loving families

Ichingo Chobe River Lodge

For teens + older, discerning families

The Zambezi Queen

For kids 7+ and if you want your ‘own’ houseboat

Choose one of the Chobe Princesses

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