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Family safaris in the Chobe make for an unforgettable family holiday. If you’re looking for an incredible river safari, choose the Zambezi Queen Collection.

But when to visit? Here on the Chobe River, nestled in southern Africa, every season is simply magical. But today, we’re honing in on a lesser-known special season –the green season. Here’s why the green season is the best time for family travel.

Repeat visitors to Africa are often surprised – and wowed – by the incredible beauty of the changing seasons. As seasons shift, so do the hues and moods of the bushveld. The green season, sometimes called the ‘Emerald Season,’ offers a fresh and vibrant perspective of this timeless land.

For families seeking an experience that’s unique, exclusive, and enchanting, the Zambezi Queen and Chobe Princess houseboats await.

Why choose the green season for family safaris?

Lush landscapes and vibrant beauty
The green season’s magic is multifaceted. Following the popular dry season (the southern hemisphere’s cooler season, from May to October), the African skies open and abundant rain floods the landscape with welcome relief. The green season usually refers to the period from November to late March. This is spring and summer in Southern Africa and signals new life in the bush, transforming the dry trees, shrubs, and grasses into a tapestry of vibrant green, tall grass, and thick bush.

Spot all the baby animals
As the land rejuvenates throughout the green season, so does its wildlife. Adventure-seeking and nature-loving families have the rare opportunity to witness many baby animals’ early days as the beaming new parents venture out with their young, teaching them the ways of the wild. There’s simply no better classroom to share the joy of wildlife, nature, and the importance of conservation with your kids than out on safari. You’ll never forget watching baby elephants, impalas, wildebeests, zebras, and other young take their first tentative steps or waddle after their moms in hot pursuit!


Incredible wildlife sightings
Contrary to popular belief, you’ll still enjoy incredible wildlife sightings during the green season. With 50,000 elephants that call the Chobe region home (making it one of the densest elephant populations in Africa), you’ll see giant herds making their way down to the river to drink, often crossing the river in front of the vessels, all year-round.

Predator sightings are also common as lions, rare packs of wild dogs, and elusive leopards stalk the young and vulnerable prey.

Peace and quiet
Although this corner of the Chobe is never going to feel packed with visitors, you’ll still enjoy more peace and quiet in the green season when there are fewer visitors. This tranquillity, paired with the Zambezi Queen and Chobe Princess houseboats’ intimate environments, offers families the chance to soak up some much-needed reconnection and bonding time.

Disconnect to Reconnect and bond
Multi-generational river safaris provide families with the perfect setting to bridge generational gaps. Away from digital distractions, families can engage in heartfelt conversations, share stories, and partake in activities spanning generations, from fishing expeditions to birdwatching.

South African travellers – are your children matriculating this year? As matrics embark on their new chapters, either through gap years or by joining varsities, a green season river safari could be that cherished ‘final’ family outing before ‘official’ adulthood.

Photography paradise
The green season is a pleasure regardless of whether you’re an amateur with a smartphone or a professional with a high-end camera. The vivid greens, the dramatic cloud formations, and the unique play of light (especially after a thunder shower) create scenes straight off of a postcard. The iconic Chobe River sunsets are also a delight to behold.

Fishing year-round
The Chobe River region is renowned for its excellent fishing, with each season bringing unique opportunities and challenges. During the warm, rainy months, the water levels rise, and strong currents in the main channels make for excellent fishing for Tigerfish, Catfish, and Bream. Your kids will love being out on the water all day!

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Birding season
The green season also heralds the arrival of summer migrants, making for exceptional birdwatching.

Did you know? Migrations in the green season see the Chobe region’s already-impressive bird population increase even further by an incredible 20%!

Which houseboat is perfect for your family safari?

The Zambezi Queen Collection isn’t just about travel; it’s about crafting stories, memories, and nurturing bonds. We’ve designed every aspect of these houseboats to offer families a perfectly tailormade, unforgettable holiday. Here’s a quick look at what to expect.

The Zambezi Queen
The flagship Zambezi Queen is ideal for families with older kids and teens (from age 12) and those after a more discerning experience.

The Chobe Princesses
Opt for a private family adventure by booking the Chobe Princesses for your exclusive use. Imagine a floating home where every aspect, from the itinerary to the daily activities, is tailored to suit your family. The supremely comfortable Chobe Princess houseboats welcome kids from seven years old, and they’re perfect for larger family groups with the option to book the entire houseboat for exclusive use.

Whichever boat you choose, you can rest assured that the houseboats don’t compromise on comfort or service. From gourmet meals to plush accommodations, every family member is treated to a boutique experience, making the trip comfortable for all age groups.

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What are the costs of travelling during the green season?

Offering improved availability and competitive pricing, this season promises an excellent opportunity for families seeking a high-end experience at more affordable prices.

So, why wait? Make 2023 the season of falling in love with the green season – together as a family.

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