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Starting out as a kitchen assistant in 2010, Moira Mukela worked her way up the ranks of the galley and is now one of our top cooks. She earned this title through hard work, in-service training and years of practical experience.

Meet Moira Mukela, one of the fabulous cooks that work on our trio of Chobe Princess houseboats!

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Born in the small local village of Kabala on Impalila Island, Moira had limited exposure to ‘western’ dishes before. She learnt how to make breads and salads and through this journey, became more interested in learning new techniques, experimenting with flavours and challenging herself with creating unique dishes.

Chobe River food – what can you enjoy onboard

Moira’s favourite dish to make is beef fillet accompanied with creamed spinach. If you’ve ever tried to make the perfect beef fillet that is succulent and tender, you’ll know it can be a challenge. Moira loves overcoming this challenge but even more satisfying than that, she finds immense satisfaction in seeing the enjoyment on guests faces as they eat.

Not straying too far from her local heritage, Moira also loves to work with flour. She uses a variety of techniques and flavours to create the perfect bread dough, delicious muffins or scrumptious scones. She is equally talented in creating both savoury and sweet treats!

Marinades are another of Moira’s favourite concoctions, where she can add in her special mix of ingredients to make the tastiest of meats.


Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten-free

Clearly, Moira is not one to shy away from a challenge. As more and more guests are seeking more sustainable culinary experiences, Moira has risen to the occasion and enjoys cooking and baking vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meals to suit guests varied and unique dietary requirements.

Apart from the creative freedom in the kitchen, Moira enjoys receiving positive feedback from guests after enjoying her meals. It’s the aspect she loves most about her job! Meeting new people from all over the world is also one of the many highlights for Moira.

When off-duty

When not whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen, Moira likes to relax at home and take in the scenery of the Chobe River.

Our houseboat chefs (in fact across all our properties) are often praised for the incredible standard of food they produce. The positive feedback and acclaim Moira, like our other talented cooks, receive is a true testament to their passion, skill and dedication.

Thank you, Moira, for delivering such an outstanding culinary experience to all our guests!

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