A Chobe River Safari in the Green Season

A Chobe River safari is nothing short of spectacular any time of year. And while each season has its own distinct beauty and charm, the green season from November until late March offers a particularly immersive bush experience, bursting with new life, lush greenery and cooling rainfall. Here’s what you can look forward to on a Chobe River safari in the green season.

Refreshing rains and flourishing greenery

Hot sunny days give way to dramatic afternoon thunder showers, creating an electric atmosphere of awe and beauty. These short, intense bursts of rainfall quench the parched grasslands, transforming them into a green carpet of dense vegetation with splashes of colourful wildflowers. As the rain clears, a golden sunset appears behind the clouds and a gentle calm settles over the bushveld – a true photographers’ paradise.

Thriving wildlife

The tall grass and dense bush may make animal sightings somewhat more of a challenge, but the results can be so much more rewarding too. The green season brings with it new life, with newborn impala, wildebeest and zebra taking their first few tentative steps into the wild. At the same time, predator sightings become far more frequent and exciting, as lions, rare packs of wild dogs and elusive leopards stalk the young and vulnerable prey. These thrilling sightings are particular to the green season.

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World-class fishing

The Chobe River region is renowned for its excellent fishing, with each season bringing its own unique opportunities and challenges. In the warm rainy months, the water levels rise and strong currents in the main channels make for excellent fishing for tiger fish, cat fish and bream. During the floods, the river water may become a bit murky, which results in drift baiting being more effective than fly spinners or lures. Whatever your method, nothing beats the exhilaration of landing a ferocious African tiger fish on a world-class fishing expedition along the Chobe River!

Birds in abundance

A myriad bird species make the Chobe River region their home throughout the year. However, magnificent migrations in the wet season see the bird population increase even further by an incredible 20%. Spy colourful bee eaters as they flit between leafy branches. See storks and ibises wade among the reeds. And watch in awe as an elegant fish eagle swoops down and scoops its glittering prey from the water. With over 450 bird species having been recorded in the area, avid bird watchers can spend hours in fascination on a bird watching safari.

Whether you’re travelling in the dry winter season or the rainy summer months – there’s an abundance of natural beauty to be found. The elegant Zambezi Queen Collection of houseboats and the secluded Ichingo Chobe River Lodge offer spectacular safari packages throughout the year.


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