Community Initiatives at the Zambezi Queen Collection

At the Zambezi Queen Collection, we care just as much for our beautiful environment as we do for our guests. We are proud of our diverse community initiatives. From the mighty waters of the Chobe River itself and the majestic wildlife that quench their thirst along its banks, to the local communities that live here, we are involved in numerous initiatives to conserve, uplift and protect this beautiful landscape we call home.

For the love of water

Our elegant Zambezi Queen has been eco-engineered to leave no more than ripples in its wake. Instead of a conventional propeller system, it uses a sophisticated water jet system that doesn’t disrupt the delicate balance of the river bed below. A solar-heating system provides hot water, while all sinks and showers have water-saving features. The ship also features a state-of-the-art water purification plant to ensure that our taps, showers and plunge pools flow with clean, clear water. All cleaning products used on board our houseboats are biodegradable and won’t harm wildlife in any way. Fuel-efficient and low-emission generators are used during daylight hours, after which the houseboats switch to battery power at night.

In an even greater effort to save this most precious resource, we’ve introduced a grey water recycling system that collects used water from all of our houseboats and treats it using a highly-effective five-stage filtration process. This purified water is then used to irrigate the vegetable gardens that we manage in local communities.

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For the love of wildlife

The Kasai Channel is located right in the middle of the floodplains, and is therefore a very important breeding ground for the many species of fish native to this stretch of river. Unfortunately, the illegal use of drag nets by commercial fishermen has seen the fish population decline dramatically since 2009. In an effort to help create a safer environment for the fish to breed, this area is now being monitored and patrolled for illegal netting. We have implemented a catch-and-release policy to protect our precious wildlife even further. We’re very excited to observe that over the past 15 months the fish population has recovered significantly, providing spectacular and environmentally responsible opportunities for game fishing to our guests.

For the love of people

Community initiatives and our people are one. That’s why we’re involved in a large number of educational, employment and development initiatives designed to uplift and support the people we share this beautiful landscape with. From sponsoring school uniforms and stationery, providing clean water, donating food and supporting local commerce to making monthly contributions to various conservancies, salaries for school teachers and clinics, amongst numerous others, we are committed to making a lasting and positive impact. All of our staff members are employed from the local communities and we invest in training and mentorship to improve their lives and help them fulfill their full potential.

For more information about our commitment to social responsibility and the initiatives we’re involved in, please click here.


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