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Meet our bartender extraordinaire, Moses.

This World Cocktail Day (13 May). No holiday is complete without plenty of sundowners, and here at the Zambezi Queen, Moses Lubinda (who prefers to go by ‘Mushe’) is the brains behind the bar. Along with plenty of ice-cold beers and other satisfying classics, Mushe serves up the most mouth-watering cocktails.

Mushe is 35 years old and has been delighting guests aboard the Zambezi Queen since 2013. He grew up in Kasika, Namibia, and enjoys many hobbies such as reading, fishing and making music, having recently started learning to play the guitar.

We all strongly believe that Mushe was born with the flair, creativity and charm that make him the incredible bartender that he is today! However the truth is that he actually didn’t have specific plans to break into the industry after school. When the opportunity to embark on a training course came along, heeding the words of his father, “Whenever life hands you an opportunity, grab it with both hands and don’t let go!” Mushe went for it.

“I was lucky to have an inspirational trainer, so I instantly fell in love with the job. I love the creative freedom that comes with bartending. I have the power to create any drink in the world, invent new ones and put a little twist on well-known favourites and make them my own. The possibilities are endless! Also, I get to meet the most wonderful people from all over the world and share stories with them.”

What to order from the Zambezi Queen bartender

According to our bartender extraordinaire, Mushe, the most popular orders amongst guests are margaritas and martinis. The best place to savour every sip is sitting poolside, in the pool itself or in the cosy lounge area. Of course, let’s not forget enjoying your drink soaking up the views from your cabin balcony, which are sure to go down just as well as your chosen beverage.

As a bartender who doesn’t shy away from mixing up any concoction, many of our guests ask Mushe the same question: which is his favourite drink to prepare? Apparently, it’s the “Feel at Home” cocktail, guaranteed to have any guest feeling at home from the very first taste. It’s made with one and a half shots of Absolut Vodka, one double measure of fresh lime juice and a single shot of passion fruit cordial. The mix is served in a tall glass over crushed ice, topped up with soda water and garnished with a slice of orange. Contrary to James Bond’s preference, this one is stirred, not shaken, Mushe says a grin.

Moses Bar profile

DIY bartender – make at home

Anybody who samples Mushe’s delicious cocktails will undoubtedly want to replicate them once their trip comes to an end. The great news is that our bartender extraordinaire has a few tips for making an unforgettable cocktail at home:

Tip 1: When you shake, use a lot if ice. It helps chill the cocktail further. Always add the ice last as it can dilute the drink if left there too long.
Tip 2: Shake, shake and shake some more! Shake the cocktail vigorously until you notice condensation on the outside of the shaker. This lets the cold fully permeate the drink and delivers a cool, crisp finish.
Tip 3: There are 3 things every cocktail lover should have on hand. Firstly, a shaker for ensuring thorough mixing of all flavours, as well as lemon juice and, of course, a collection of beautiful glasses.

“A cocktail somehow tastes even better when it’s served in a pretty glass!”

Finally, be sure to have a few tasty snacks on hand to complement your cocktails further. Mushe’s go-to’s are always biltong and dry wors, or “crocodile skin” (deep-fried potato skins) for the vegetarians and vegans.

Thank You Mushe!

A massive thank you goes out to Mushe for always going above and beyond to add that extra cherry (or, in this case, that slice of orange) on top of a fantastic experience for all our guests.

Have YOU been lucky enough to sample a sundowner whipped up by our master bartender? Tell us all about it on our social media pages or send us a message. We love hearing from you!



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