Meet Allen - Chobe Princess guide - Zambezi Queen Collection

If you’ve travelled on one of our stunning Chobe Princesses, no doubt this familiar face will bring fond memories rushing back. Allen is one of our amazing Chobe Princess guide, who ensures that every guest gets to grips with the heart and soul of our stunning area, so you leave with a deep appreciation of our environment, wildlife and local culture.

My name is Allen Simasilu from Impalila Island.

I am 31 years old and was born at the  Katima Mulilo state hospital in Namibia. I grew up on the small island of Zambezi Eqim previously known as the Caprivi where I obtained my primary and secondary education.

My grandmother brought me up on the island. I am the firstborn in our family; the oldest of 6 siblings. My faith is important to me – I am a Christian and I always go to church on a Saturday if I am not working.

I heard about the Zambezi Queen Collection through a friend of mine. I told him that I was looking for a job in the tourism industry as a tour guide, as it’s my passion. About 6 months later, I got a call from this friend asking if I was interested in taking a job on the Chobe Princess and the rest is history! I have now been working for the Zambezi Queen Collection for over 5 years as a Chobe Princess guide.

It’s difficult answering what is my favourite place. But Impalila Island must be one of my favourite attractions.

I feel blessed to work in this industry because ever since I was a child, I have loved nature. As a guide, it is all about nature. I am also interested in wildlife conservation.

I like to be a guide on the Chobe because I never get bored of this area. Each season is so special. I am so interested in boating, fishing and birding.

Meeting new people from around the world is also one of my favourite things now.

I am so proud that I get to meet with tourists because I can tell them stories about my area, such as where I was born, and the nature I grew up with.

Elephant Bay has also become a favourite place. It has a good view for the guests because they always see something coming out of the river to drink. (Ed’s note: the Chobe Princesses moor at Elephant Bay so the ellie sightings here are truly something spectacular to behold!)

Tourists are much happier on the water, cruising the Chobe River from Botswana to Namibia, as they can see so many elephants. Birdwatching is also very good on the Chobe and seeing big cats such as lion and leopard is always a bonus.

The guests are always surprised to see a huge number of elephants. The landscapes give you views of both Botswana and Namibia and the sunsets and sunrises are always spectacular. 

Thank you Allen for your time and passion for what you do. Next time you meet Allen, give him a big smile and if you want to really spoil him, his favourite food is pap!


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