7 Reasons Why You Should Experience a Chobe River Safari

The New Year is underway, and while you may be making resolutions and planning your to-do lists for the year ahead, be sure to make time for a few indulgences too. Our exceptional collection of houseboats and secluded tented lodge are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and excitement to your year. Read on to see why a Chobe River safari cruise should be at the top of your bucket list.

1. Uninterrupted relaxation

Our all-inclusive packages ensure that everything from fine dining and stylish accommodation to guided excursions and thrilling activities are provided for you. With no need to plan your itinerary or concern yourself with the details, you’re free to simply sit back, relax and soak up the spectacular view. Choose from a range of convenient specials perfectly suited to your discerning needs and preferences.

2. A unique point of view

The Zambezi Queen Collection of houseboats offers unparalleled views of the mighty Chobe River and surrounds. Sip an ice-cold drink on the upper deck as majestic fish eagles and king fishers take wing across the African sky. And gaze in awe from your private balcony as herds of elephant, buffalo, lion, zebra and more quench their thirst along the lush banks. The true beauty of a water-based safari is the opportunity to view game at your leisure from the deck as they come to you at the water’s edge.

3. The water

Celebrate your honeymoon or anniversary as you share unforgettable moments over a candle-lit dinner for two. Savour African-inspired dishes while surrounded by 360-degree views aboard the elegant Zambezi Queen. Dine al fresco beneath a canopy of stars while the lively chatter of birds sets the tone at secluded Ichingo Chobe River Lodge. Or wake up to a hearty breakfast on the deck of a Chobe Princess as the sun dawns on another exquisite day in the bush.

4. Close elephant encounters

The Chobe National Park is home to an abundance of elephants. In fact, it’s the densest population on the African continent – estimated at approximately 120 000. As the Zambezi Queen and her three Chobe Princesses navigate up to 50km of the Chobe River, you’ll have ample opportunity to see these magnificent creatures in their natural surrounds. From drinking their fill of water on the banks to bathing in the cooling waters, these are incredible wildlife experiences you won’t encounter anywhere else. The Park is also home to a large number of buffalo, leopard and lion, along with a variety of antelope and birdlife, which can be viewed from the houseboats or on motorised tender boats that venture into the narrower waterways.

5. Award-winning leisure

For the fifth time, the Zambezi Queen has been awarded the prestigious title of the World’s Leading Boutique Cruise at the World Travel Awards. The Awards are voted for by travel and tourism professionals, as well as business and leisure travellers worldwide. A true testament to the Zambezi Queen’s ongoing commitment to excellence!

6. Thrilling activities

When it comes to adventure, the Zambezi Queen Collection does not disappoint. A range of activities are on offer for those in search of excitement. Venture out on a tender boat for daily excursions into the surrounding wetlands. Spy over 450 bird species perched atop branches or wading the river waters. Cultural excursions to the local village are also available where guests can meet the locals, learn all about their history, and even take part in traditional dances. Try your hand at a fishing safari where you’ll be able to experience some of the best fishing Africa has to offer. A walk to the 2000-year-old baobab tree is a must. Adventurous climbers can scale the tree and see the a breathtaking view of where the mighty Zambezi and Chobe Rivers converge at the meeting point of Zambia, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

7. Photographers’ paradise

Capture the incredible beauty of the bush first-hand on a photography safari. Our custom-designed photographic safari boat features individual swivel chairs for 360-degree views. Camera mounts provide perfect stability for capturing the perfect shot, while an experienced guide will help manoeuvre the boat as close to the action as possible.

Make it a year to remember with a Chobe River safari on the Zambezi Queen collection. View our excellent offers here or contact us to book your safari experience now.


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