Start 2024 with a wish from Africa! - Zambezi Queen Collection

Wondering why the Chobe River makes wishes come true? The new year brings fresh chances to seek deeper purpose and joy. As travellers set 2024 intentions around solo travel, wellness, sustainability and celebration, the remote yet accessible Chobe River beckons.

The tranquil Chobe River allows travellers to connect to themselves, one another and nature. This precious connection is often forgotten in the daily hustle. But in this remarkable corner of Africa where 4 countries (Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe) meet, you’ll remember to just breathe. Relax as your days unfold to the gentle splash of hippo pods and elephants swimming across the river right in front of you, worlds away from honking traffic, school runs and deadlines. Nights on the river are interrupted only by the roar of a lion, a gentle splash here and there and starlit skies untouched by light pollution.

Our luxurious flagship Zambezi Queen and exclusive Chobe Princess houseboats deliver remote relaxation, sustainable responsibility and community care that is built-in, not bolted on. You’ll return home with batteries recharged, perspective renewed and celebration memories made.

Here’s why a Chobe River safari delivers on the 2024 travel trends:

Stern Lounge relax

Solo travellers will find their alone time – hassle-free

The past years have seen a surge in solo travellers embarking on journeys of discovery across the globe. Africa might have been an intimidating choice for a solo traveller but Zambezi Queen Collection’s hassle-free, all-inclusive packages open up southern Africa safely and easily to solo travellers.

The Chobe Princess houseboats (offering just 4 or 5 cabins each) allow solo visitors to easily enjoy their own time on an intimate river safari while also socialising and befriending like-minded travellers if desired. You’ll easily make new friends as you enjoy immersive cultural connection free from logistical hassles and marvel at the splendour of the Chobe.

If you’re after a more luxurious experience, and don’t mind more people, step onboard the Zambezi Queen. Our flagship floating hotel offers 14 luxury, freshly revamped suites.

Eco-conscious travel that really matters

Our Chobe River safaris balance indulgence with caring for fragile ecosystems that local communities rely on. All our properties uplift residents through ethical employment and partnerships supporting grassroots projects. With tourism income circulating regionally long-term, we deliver meaningful sustainable travel.

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The great outdoors beckons

With the world hankering after the great outdoors more than ever – the global adventure tourism market is set to reach $4.6 trillion (R88 trillion) by 2032 – it’s little wonder that a Chobe River safari is the perfect spot to ‘get your outdoors on.’

The Chobe reconnects travellers with their wild spirit like nowhere else. From simply relaxing onboard to boat-based game watching, birding and fishing, you’ll feel truly at one with nature here. You simply couldn’t get any closer!

Celebrate life’s milestones

After a difficult couple of years, people are not delaying joyful milestones, whether toasting birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, honeymoons or uniting loved ones from afar. Far from crowds dampening the mood, our intimate vessels transform visits into healing, meaning-filled journeys celebrating what matters most.

Appreciating everyday beauty, the Chobe sparkles brighter, making celebrations shimmer more splendidly too.

Easily accessible yet worlds away

Despite its isolated feel, our boats are easily accessible from Johannesburg, Windhoek and regional hubs that connect seamlessly to Kasane Airport or Victoria Falls airport and then our boats. The Chobe makes an ideal add-on for safari-goers already on the continent. Compared to a lengthy transit to long-haul wellness havens, the river’s tranquillity shines closer than imagined—no wishful thinking required to make this 2024 dream a reality!

How to plan your 2024 Chobe dream trip

– Chobe is a year-round destination but peaks for game watching and migrating wildlife from August through October.

– Packing essentially includes sun protection, binoculars and breathable clothing.

– Activities from our houseboats range from cultural village visits to fishing excursions down river tributaries – and much more.

The Chobe delivers on 2024 intentions, from solo wellness journeys to celebrations with those cherished most.

Browse our specials and contact us today to manifest reality from your travel wishes – on an unforgettable Chobe River safari.


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