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The African continent is spectacular but there aren’t that many spots in Africa that remain as truly untouched as Mother Nature intended.

Sure, we love our little corner of Africa, the magical Chobe River region, but we know just how special the wider area is. That area, if you didn’t know, is the very aptly named Africa’s Eden. Africa’s Eden enjoys a claim to fame as the world’s largest transfrontier conservation area and southern Africa’s last untouched wilderness.

We’re lucky enough to be nestled in a tiny spot within Africa’s Eden, meaning that our guests can not only experience the delight of the Chobe River but also easily combine a trip with us to discover Africa’s Eden’s wider surrounds.

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What and where is Africa’s Eden?

Africa’s Eden is the name given to the over 520,000 sq. km area of the KAZA (the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area).  It’s the world’s largest transfrontier conservation area and incorporates 12 national parks and protected areas of natural significance.

The Africa’s Eden region encompasses, amongst others:

What’s there to see in Africa’s Eden?

Why visit Africa’s Eden?

Outdoor pursuits with something for everyone
Sure, there’s nothing like game watching from a traditional safari vehicle. But here in Africa’s Eden, you’ll be able to soak up the wildlife from new and exciting perspectives. From river and walking safaris to fishing and photographic safaris and mountain biking and horse riding, there’s ample outdoors adventures that await. For visitors looking for a rush of adrenalin, there’s even bungee jumping, bridge swings, ziplining and more.

An untouched wilderness
Forget crowds and mass tourism. Africa’s Eden is one of Africa’s last untouched wilderness areas where visitors can truly get down to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Expect small groups only and sustainable, low-impact travel.

An all-year round destination

With plenty of sunshine to go around and ‘peak season’ still quieter than you’d encounter at any other popular national parks in southern Africa, Africa’s Eden is a year-round destination.

Easy access travel
The KAZA UniVisa allows for multiple travels between Zimbabwe and Zambia at a lower fee than getting a visa for each country. There is easy air access from international airports in Victoria Falls, Livingstone and Kasane, with connectivity to many major transport hubs.

Make a difference

We know you care about conservation and community. Discover how your sustainable travel directly supports the conservation, communities and wildlife of Africa’s Eden.

Combination packages

Victoria Falls happens to be a 90 minute road transfer by bus to our properties, why not make the most of your time in the region by viewing our different combination packages.

If you’re keen to head beyond Africa’s Eden and discover the rest of southern Africa, South Africa awaits! No visit to the rainbow nation is complete without a trip to the famous Okavango Delta or iconic Cape Town. You can enjoy the best of all worlds with our combination packages below:

If you’re looking to experience the best of Africa and her many diverse landscapes, wildlife and attractions, make the journey to the heart of southern Africa – the stunning Africa’s Eden. Add on a combination package and you’ll soon discover why the name ‘Africa’s Eden’ is so apt.

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