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A river experience along the Chobe River allows you to completely immerse yourself in the spectacular eco system that makes up the area. As you unwind, and enjoy the luxury of the Zambezi Queen with the wildlife and bird species performing in their natural habitat, the stage is set for the best birding and wildlife experience you can possibly have.

Along the banks of the Chobe River there are around 450 bird species, and 4 of the big 5 that call this area their home. A river safari is undoubtedly the best way to experience Chobe River. Not only is there a spectacular abundance of wildlife, but you will experience some of the most breathtaking sunsets imaginable.

Birding on the Chobe River

The Chobe River is one of the best birding locations in the world. If you’re a birding aficionado, you will most certainly be in paradise, as regular sightings of some beautiful species will keep you entertained for hours. From the colourful Carmine Bee Eater, African Jacana and Pied Kingfisher to the majestic African Fish Eagle, you will be in your element as you try and spot as many of the species in the area of the river banks as possible.

Even the uninitiated bird spotter, will not be able to hold back their admiration for the bird species in the area. Whether you are an expert or not, will certainly be in awe of their beauty.

Photographing Africa at its best

A river safari on the Chobe River will offer spectacular and unique photographic opportunities allowing you to see things from a different perspective and angle. As the fish eagle hunts in the sky, and dives for its prey, or a herd of elephants make their way to the river banks to cool off in the midday sun, the spectacular burnt orange sky at sunset or a pride of lions quenching their thirst, the location truly is perfectly set for some incredible photos.

Wildlife in the Chobe River region

Slowly winding your way along the Chobe River, you have one of the best vantage points for capturing exceptional photos. The hippos that wallow or the lion prides that gather on the shore, the crocodiles that sun themselves on the banks or the buffalo that meander across the plains are all easily visible from the water. This makes a river cruise a great way to capture that special moment that tells the story of the Chobe river.

The magic of Chobe River sunsets

We can surely agree that an African sunset is definitely unique and special – every time.  As the golden sun dips below a vast African plain, and sheds its golden light across the Chobe River as if it’s pointing directly at you, you will know that you have reached paradise. An early evening on board the Zambezi Queen is a special time, especially for photographers. It’s when you can capture the wildlife surrounded by spectacular hues of an orange, purple or red sky, and when the lighting becomes perfect for that once in a lifetime photo.

With a river cruise, you are always in the best location for the best wildlife sightings and sunsets. Whether it’s the variety of bird species that live near the river, or the majestic elephants, hippos, and buffalo that go about their business on the banks of the Chobe, you have the best chance to see it all from the comfort and luxury of the Zambezi Queen or her three Chobe Princesses.


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