Uplifting Kasenu Village through the distribution of soccer balls.

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Whilst on board the Zambezi Queen, as an activity offered, our guests are transferred, by tender boats to a local village, called Kasenu village. Guests are greeted by locals and guided through their village offering the opportunity to view a Kasenu local life in its entirety and authenticity. There are approximately 200 people live in Kasenu village with 60 of them being children. During the Hockenberger’s family stay onboard the Zambezi Queen and at Ichingo Chobe River Lodge last September they took part in the excursion to the Kasenu Village. Vonn and his wife Suzann were saddened seeing the village kids playing soccer with makeshift soccer balls made up of plastic bags tied up with string and wanted to help.

Zambezi Queen Collection | Community Initiatives

After some research Vonn and Suzann discovered the One World Play Project, a social impact company that supplies soccer balls that can withstand the toughest playing conditions in the world. No pump needed these balls are delivered perinatally inflated.

The Hockenbereger family generously donated 20 soccer balls last weekend to the Kasenu Village, Mbelesente School, which is where the village kids attend as well as the village staff on the Zambezi Queen.

Zambezi Queen Collection | Community Initiatives

The Kasika community and school were so grateful for the donation and said their utmost gratitude to Vonn and Suzann Hockenberger for their generosity. An additional thanks to our (partner) Amawaterways and their team for helping get the balls delivered.

Zambezi Queen Collection | Community Initiatives

The Zambezi Queen Collection is committed to empowering local communities and is involved in several programs to uplift and build the community. Programs include University scholarship funding, supplying medical equipment, supplying stationery, local community transport, training in useful skills to improve knowledge and increase employment possibilities. For more information about our commitment to social responsibility and the initiatives we’re involved in, please click here.

If you are interested in making a donation during or after your trip please contact [email protected]