The sun shone brighter today…

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One of the many activities offered by the Zambezi Queen includes a tour of the local Ijambwe Village which has existed on the banks of the Chobe River for over 100 years. Here guests can interact with the locals and gain a better understanding of the lives of the area’s indigenous people.

On a recent tour of the village, guests Tom and Lizi Lonigro of Hawaii, USA were introduced to village elder, Kennedy Kaiba who is the proud father of Bernard, a river guide on the Zambezi Queen.

Due to his ailments, Kennedy has recently relinquished his duties of village chief to his first-born son Charlie. His ailments forced Kennedy to take a back seat when it came to the daily running of the village and stopped him from socialising with friends and family living around him.

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Upon returning from their cultural tour, Tom and Lizi were so touched by Kennedy’s story that they arranged for a wheelchair to be donated to him.  A generous gift that would not only change Kennedy’s life but restore his ability to once again be involved in the day-to-day running of his village.

With the delivery of the wheelchair being kept tightly under wraps, it was with great excitement that the Zambezi Queen team ventured back to the village. Kennedy’s reaction to receiving his wheelchair was overwhelming as he celebrated with the village and proudly led the local ladies in song.

Tom and Lizi’s generosity will never be forgotten by the Kaiba family who were so happy to see their father, uncle and grandfather proudly addressing his village. The sun shone brighter over his village that day – and his smile is big enough to prove it.