The Mantis Collection

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Sustainability is the watchword of the entire Mantis Collection, but nowhere is this truer than aboard the Zambezi Queen. The Mantis Collection was founded in 2000 by South African conservationist and entrepreneur, Adrian Gardiner. To this day, it’s a family-run group of extraordinary, award-winning boutique hotels, Eco-Escapes, and Waterways.

The Zambezi Queen Collection was acquired by Mantis in 2009 and was immediately rooted in the same commitment to sustainable business practices, conservation of natural resources, and the drive to promote responsible travel.

The Group is deeply rooted in conservation and has a vision for curating unique experiences where man and nature can coexist sustainably. The Mantis acronym spells out Man and Nature Together is Sustainable. 

Mantis’ holistic approach integrates local communities, education, sustainability efforts, and conservation programs in various regions such as the Chobe River region, where the Zambezi Queen finds its home.

The Zambezi Queen Collection is committed to empowering local communities and is involved in several programs to uplift and build the community of the Subiya tribe on Impalila Island in the Chobe River region. Programs initiated by Mantis include university scholarship funding; supplying medical equipment and stationery; local community transport; as well as training in useful skills to improve knowledge and increase employment possibilities.


Mantis offers a complete range of hotel development, management, and marketing services that are set up to assist properties with achieving their goals for sustainable business practices and operations with a low impact on the environment. Mantis manages properties in Africa and Europe and franchises properties in North and South America, Australia and Oceania, as well as Asia and Antarctica. These properties are in regions that are incredibly diverse, ranging from a private tropical island to bustling cities, the African bushveld and frozen snowscapes. 

Learn more about our commitment to social responsibility and the initiatives Mantis is involved with.