Planning Your Chobe Self-Drive Adventure

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If you are looking for a fun, memorable travel adventure, Chobe self-drive is highly recommended. Although our properties are located on the Namibia side of the Chobe River, you will need to enter on the Botswana side. Many of our self-drivers choose to combine a stay at Ichingo Chobe River Lodge with a stay onboard one of our Chobe Princesses houseboats. Arriving by car is a great way to get the best of both worlds – land and water – with plenty to see along the way, making the journey every bit as rewarding as the destination.

For those wondering how to plan a Chobe self-drive journey, it always helps to have an understanding of how to get there, what requirements to expect in terms of documents and customs, and what you can see en route. In this guide, we share some tips to make your adventure as enjoyable as possible.

How to Plan Your Chobe Self-Drive Journey

Although air travel can be a quicker way to reach our properties, travelling through Africa on the open road is an experience that will stay with you forever. In many ways, this trip is like your very own safari, with landscapes changing as you make your way to your final destination. Photographic opportunities abound and a choice of rest stops and camps throughout the drive add even more to the trip.

Ultimately, Chobe self-drive allows you to plan your own adventure, following your own itinerary for a trip tailored to your preferences and schedule. To help you get even more from your journey, here are some things to know before you set off for the road.

How to get there.

There are a few border crossings that take you into Botswana and then into Namibia and Chobe. If you are combing from South Africa, you will first need to cross the border into Botswana. After driving through Botswana, you will then need to cross the border into Namibia by river. There are a choice of border points for both crossings. Secure parking can be arranged for your vehicles next to the Kasane Immigration Office. The GPS co-ordinates are S 17° 48′ 12.618” / E 25° 8′ 54.44”. Please advise at time of booking whether you require secure parking. Most border points are open from early morning until late afternoon. Some may open as early as 06h00, while others open later. Some may close by 16h00, and others may close around 22h00. It is best to do your research in advance to find out which crossings are the best choice.

What you will need.

At all borders, you will need to have a few documents in order to cross. South Africans do not require a visa to enter Botswana or Nambia, but those travelling from outside of SA may require visas. You will require third-party insurance valid for 90 days, as well as vehicle registration documents or an affidavit for your rental vehicle. Both will need to be signed by a Commissioner of Oaths. You will also need a temporary import permit to bring a vehicle to Botswana (these are available at the Botswana border). Finally, you will need a sticker for your vehicle, stating your car registration country of origin.

What to see on the way.

Now, on to the fun stuff. There are many, many things to see along the way. Self-drive is a fantastic way to take in the sights at your own pace, stopping to take photographs or to enjoy a sunset. Look out for an abundance of wildlife, wild open spaces, trees, plants, rivers, and numerous other landscapes. You can also stop to enjoy activities, find off-the-beaten-path coffee shops and small towns, and explore your surrounds at each leg of the trip.

Make your Chobe River experience one that you will never forget, with a self-guided trip that takes you across the lands, seeing Africa in all of its beauty. To learn more about getting to our properties, read our handy info sheet or one of our blog posts here. You can also contact us to make your booking and start planning your very own Chobe self-drive excursion.