Experience the Chobe River Elephant Crossing

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One of the biggest highlights on any Chobe River adventure is the elephant crossing. Home to hundreds of thousands of elephants, Chobe National Park has the densest population of elephants in Africa. Seeing these gentle giants up close and personal is an experience that you will never forget.

Whether taking a tender boat ride or drifting towards Elephant Bay with one of our river guides, you will have the chance to see hundreds of elephants on the Zambezi Queen and her fleet of Chobe Princesses. You may even get to watch elephants crossing, as up to hundreds of elephants make their way across the Chobe River from the Botswana side of the river to the Namibian side, and back again.

What to Expect During a Chobe River Elephant Crossing

The elephant crossing is a migration of sorts that begins when a large herd of elephant meet at the banks of the river, slowing beginning their journey from one side to the other. As a matriarchy, female elephants lead herds, with mothers and elders closely guarding baby elephants to keep them safely afloat during the crossing.

Herds making the journey across the river can be massive, with hundreds making their way through the water at a time. In some cases, they share their space with buffalo, who make a similar journey across the Chobe River. Due to their thick skin, elephants can battle to stay cool during the hot summer months. Their large ears act as ventilation, with blood vessels behind the ears further helping to regulate body temperature. Despite their natural cooling system, elephants use the river to provide relief against the harsh African sun. The cool waters of the river help to cool them down and also soothe joint pain during their crossing. Thanks to their powerful trunks, which contain thousands of muscles, elephants are able to stay afloat during the crossing, using their trunks as snorkels as they make their journey from one river bank to another.

For those who are lucky enough to watch a crossing, as well as experince many of the various activities we offer in our all-inclusive package, this is an experience of a lifetime. Our photo safaris are a fantastic way to witness the crossing, allowing you to capture this magnificent sight from our customised photographic safari boats. Whether you are staying on the Zambezi Queen, one of the Chobe Princesses or at the tented Ichingo Chobe River Lodge, witnessing this event is sure to be one of the top highlights of your stay.

The Chobe River region is by far one of the top places in the world to connect with these incredible animals. Watching the elephants crossing is a bucket list adventure you will treasure forever! To book your trip enquire here.