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In the year 2000, a visionary journey took root in the heart of Africa, sparked by the passion of conservationist Adrian Gardiner. Driven by his dedication to restoring and rewilding degraded farmlands in the Eastern Cape, he turned them into the province’s first private game reserve – a place where man and nature could coexist. This was the beginning of the Mantis Collection, pioneering eco-tourism in a region once devoid of opportunities beyond commercial farming.

Gardiner’s unwavering commitment to sustainable tourism paved the way for the development of the Mantis model worldwide. Today, the diverse portfolio of handpicked properties serves as a mark of quality, consistency, and character, curating exceptional travel experiences that celebrate the essence of each destination.


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The acronym “MANTIS” – Man And Nature Together Is Sustainable – encapsulates the brand’s ethos, reflecting a harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world.

This philosophy resonates profoundly within the Zambezi Queen Collection by Mantis. We are a proud member of the Mantis Collection, embodying a dedication to conservation, sustainable adventures, and a deep appreciation for the remarkable Chobe region.

Sustainable safaris on the Chobe River

Nestled along the Chobe River, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey where luxury and sustainability intertwine. From the moment you step aboard the elegant Zambezi Queen floating boutique hotel or the intimate Chobe Princesses houseboats, an atmosphere of tranquillity and reverence for the surrounding natural beauty envelops you.

Imagine waking up to the gentle rhythm of the river, the melodic calls of exotic birds filling the air. Venture out on guided boat trips and witness the majestic wildlife that calls the Chobe National Park home. Observe elephants bathing in the river, hippos playfully splashing about, and a kaleidoscope of rare and diverse birdlife in their natural habitat. These awe-inspiring encounters foster a profound connection with nature, creating lasting memories.

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Beyond the remarkable game-viewing experiences, the Zambezi Queen Collection offers immersive cultural tours, providing invaluable insights into the rich traditions and ways of life of the local communities. These encounters promote cultural sustainability, respect, and a deeper appreciation for the interdependence between humans and their natural surroundings.

Preserving a legacy

The Zambezi Queen Collection’s commitment to conservation extends far beyond our properties’ boundaries. Through partnerships with local conservancies like Kabulabula, Kasika, and Impalila Fish Reserve, we support habitat management, wildlife protection programs, and environmental education initiatives.

Just one of the significant initiatives is the implementation of a strict catch-and-release fishing policy. By promoting responsible angling practices, we aim to preserve the delicate balance of the Chobe River’s fish populations, ensuring their long-term sustainability. And we’ve already seen remarkable results!

Anti-poaching efforts are another crucial aspect of our sustainable safari conservation endeavours. By empowering anti-poaching units with resources, training, transport, and sustenance, these dedicated guardians stand as the front line against the threat of poaching, safeguarding the region’s precious wildlife.

Doing conservation together

The Zambezi Queen Collection’s dedication to sustainable safari travel is intrinsically linked to the well-being of local communities. We actively support initiatives designed to uplift and empower the people who call the Chobe region home.

One of the most impactful initiatives is the Community Development Fund, supported by a small levy paid by each guest. These funds are channelled towards essential infrastructure projects in nearby villages, such as providing clean drinking water through solar-powered boreholes and constructing ablution facilities.

We also help provide economic opportunities for local artisans. The gift shops aboard the Zambezi Queen showcase locally crafted goods, from intricately beaded jewellery to exquisite wooden bowls, providing an income stream for these talented entrepreneurs.

We are proud to be one of the largest employers in the region, with 99% of our staff hailing from local villages. By prioritising local employment and investing in ongoing training and skills development, we help contribute to regional wealth generation, reducing reliance on unsustainable practices.

Embracing a harmonious future

As you embark on your journey with the Zambezi Queen Collection, you become part of a greater conservation legacy. Each moment spent on the Chobe River, every encounter with its majestic wildlife, and every interaction with the warm and welcoming local communities is an opportunity to deepen your appreciation for the delicate balance that sustains this extraordinary corner of the world.

By choosing the Zambezi Queen Collection, you not only indulge in luxurious accommodations and unforgettable experiences but also contribute to the preservation of the Chobe’s natural and cultural heritage. Join the Mantis mission and embrace the harmonious relationship between humans and nature – a testament to the power of sustainable travel in safeguarding our planet’s treasures for generations to come.

So, plan your sustainable safari journey today!

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